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Shandong Lvdun Door & Window Co., Ltd. is an entity industry service company integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of bridge-cutoff aluminum alloy, aluminum-clad wood windows and doors and sunlight room system and concentrates on furniture and home decoration brands for more than ten years. Now, it has more than 70 distribution chain stores in the building materials city (such as Easyhome and Red Star Macalline) in China.

Elegant and typical system-wide doors and windows
  • LDXT typical series protective screen window

    LDXT typical series protecti

  • Small flat-opening screen window (high transmittance type)

    Small flat-opening screen wi

  • LDXT-120 bridge-cutoff aluminum alloy sunlight room

    LDXT-120 bridge-cutoff alumi

  • LDXT-150 and 180 wooden line system sunlight room

    LDXT-150 and 180 wooden line

  • LDSS152 lifting and sliding door

    LDSS152 lifting and sliding

  • LDXT-75 system-wide doors and windows

    LDXT-75 system-wide doors an

  • LDXT-70 typical popular series

    LDXT-70 typical popular series

  • LDXT-88 screen window integration

    LDXT-88 screen window integr

  • LDXT-126 screen window integration

    LDXT-126 screen window integ

  • ES61 system window

    ES61 system window

  • ES70 system window

    ES70 system window

  • ES78 system window

    ES78 system window

Advantages of new product

Enable 7 potentials of the door and window system

System doors and windows
System doors and windows
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Door and window system and service system
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